Baptist Church Planters

Steve & Kristen are Associate Church Revitalizers with Baptist Church Planters. 

To learn more about BCP, you can view the video from President Jon Jenks or visit their website:

Through the grace of God and His word, the redemptive works of Christ, and the sanctifying efforts of the Holy Spirit,
we encourage and equip the body of Christ in order to ensure its members, both near and far,
are enduring in the lifelong work of glorifying God and discipling faithful men and women
who will be entrusted to continue this work until our Lord and Savior returns.

The Impact of Local Church Discipleship

In partnership with Baptist Church Planters, we (Faith Baptist Tabernacle) developed a model for discipleship at our church that meets the needs of all church members - regardless of their spiritual maturity. Our desire is to meet them where they are and help them to grow in their walk with Christ. We want all to be disciples of Christ who make disciples of Christ.

As our church matured, we began to look outside our local body and began partnering with sister churches to strengthen them. This led to Steve & Kristen considering vocational ministry to continue this work. Partnering with Baptist Church Planters, our desire is to help sister churches disciple their members in order to grow in spiritual maturity and multiplication and in turn help other sister churches and plant churches.

Our Model for Discipleship

Our church adopted and implemented the following model for helping our members grow in spiritual maturity. We desire to help sister churches develop and implement similar models of intentional discipleship.

"C" Studies

Leadership Journey (for men) & The Grove Study (for women) - The purpose of these studies is to disciple God’s children into spiritual leaders by drawing them close to God. God will then guide them to cause the same in others and by this accomplish Christ’s gospel mission through His church.

"B" Studies

The goal of these studies is to take a church member who has shown some spiritual desire and some ability to do personal solo time, serve, and care for others and be sure they have what they need to serve well and get ready for taking Leadership Journey or The Grove Study.  It helps them as they serve and pushes them with greater commitment in homework and personal spiritual expression and witness.

"A" Studies

The goal of this study is to get people moving in their spiritual development from being “lost” to being a member who is serving. After taking one or two of these studies they should:

For more information regarding Intentional Discipleship Ministries, please contact Steve & Kristen.

Doctrinal Statement

You can read Steve's doctrinal statement by clicking here.


You can hear Steve's preaching on Facebook at our home church, Faith Baptist Tabernacle, or at our revitalization church, Constantia Center Baptist Church.