Through the grace of God and His word, the redemptive works of Christ, and the sanctifying efforts of the Holy Spirit,
we encourage and equip the body of Christ in order to ensure its members, both near and far,
are enduring in the lifelong work of glorifying God and discipling faithful men and women
who will be entrusted to continue this work until our Lord and Savior returns.


Here are a number of great articles focusing on the local church, discipleship, evangelism, and church leadership.

The Church’s Future: Leadership Development in the Church

Intentional Discipleship in the Local Church: A Real Life Application

The Bride of Christ and the Hope of the World

The Bible’s Burden for Church Revitalization

The Most Overlooked Mission Field in America

A Brief History of How Friendships Like Yours Can Change the World

I Was Discipled by . . . the Church

Never Underestimate the Value of Ordinary, Brief, Christian Conversations

How to Build Up Your Church: A Guidebook for Members

18 Prayers to Pray for Unbelievers

The Neglected Ministry of Asking Questions

Do You Insult Your Savior’s Bride?


We encourage you to check out the following edifying podcasts.

Nine Marks Interviews
"Discipling: A Conversation Between Mark Dever and Jonathan Leeman"

Pastors Talk


Bible Talk


Looking for a theologically rich book that will challenge and build you up? Consider reading the following favorites.

Habits of Grace david mathis

Habits of Grace
David Mathis

Rediscover Church Collin Hansen Jonathan Leeman

Rediscover Church
Collin Hansen &
Jonathan Leeman

Disciples Are Made, Not Born By: Walter A. Henrichsen

Disciples are Made Not Born
Walter A. Henrichsen

Nine marks of a healthy church mark dever

Nine Marks of a Healthy Church
Mark Dever

Sent Heather and Ashley Holleman

Heather and Ashley Holleman

Real-Life Discipleship by Jim Putman

Real-Life Discipleship
Jim Putman

Scripture Images

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